Yes you read correctly….12 Year Old Makes $12,000 in Empower Network

This just completely blew me away when I first saw this a week ago.

Jesse is a 12 year old boy from Holland, who also like any other normal boy his age, goes to school and has homework.

Watch the video below and find out just how Jesse made $12,000 in Empower Network in 4 months.

How does a 12 year old make $12,000 in Empower Network

Well it’s quite simple really, like thousands of others who have done the same, he followed the system.

He was coach able and he applied himself.

The Empower Network system is one of the simplest systems going. A 12 year old can follow it.

Yes, the system is simple, yes you need to learn a thing or two and yes you need to work at it.

But here is the thing, this system just plain and simple works!

12 year old

So if a Jesse, a 12 Year Old can make $12,000 in 4 months….what could YOU do?

So lets for a minute have a look at what stops us from doing the same as what Jesse has done?

It’s us that stops us.

To make it work we need to have the belief in ourselves that we can do it.

The thing I love about this story is the innocence of a 12 year old, who has not yet developed the many limiting self beliefs that us adults have, who just gets in there without thinking about it and makes it happen.

It says so much!


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 Shutting off the distractions and living in the now


Shutting off those distractions and Focusing

distractionsDoes this sounds familiar? You sit down at your computer with the intent to get a list of things done, then an hour later you look at the time and realize you haven’t even started on your list?

Or what about, you take the kids to the park to play, but rather than playing with them, you’re sitting on the bench with your phone responding to emails and facebook?

Im guilty as charged to all of the above!

It’s hard isn’t it?

We are trying to keep so many balls in the air at one time!

How does this juggling make you feel? Stressed? Tired?

So lets step back for a moment and have a think about what would happen if we just did one thing at a time? If we just lived in the now?

If we did one thing at a time, extremely well, by shutting off all of the distractions that cause us to juggle all of those balls.

Saying No to Distractions


Firstly, work out what the distractions are, and then shut them off.

I have now got into the habit when I’m working, to shut off my emails, shut off my phone, shut off Facebook and shut off skype, so that I can completely focus on the job at hand.

It was hard initially to do this, as I didn’t realize just how much of a habit it was to be continuously checking for messages/ notifications/ updates etc. Scary really how much time that was wasting!

Now when I take the kids to the park or am having family time, I turn everything off! I just concentrate on them. Do you know what? It is so much more fun living in the now with them. The kids love it, my husband loves it and everyone is happy.

By controlling distractions and just focusing on the now, I’m a lot less stressed, I get a lot more done and I’m so much happier.

Modern Day Distractions

Whilst this wonderful technology we have that allows us to communicate and run businesses around the globe has broken down so many barriers to business and has opened up far more opportunities for entrepreneurs than ever before, it can also be a major distraction.

Learn how to control it, so that it doesn’t control you and you will accomplish so much more and feel so much more at peace.

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Why you cant afford to ignore Pinterest for Business


VIRAL VIDEO US Army Call Me Maybe


Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders Vs US Army Call Me Maybe

Do you need a smile today? Well then you need to check out this video of the US Army Call Me Maybe guys taking on the Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders in a take off of the Carly Rae Jepson song “Call me maybe”!

This is pure gold. You guys rock!


Who wins? The Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders or the US Army Call Me Maybe guys?

I’d love to hear what you think? Who was it that set your heart racing, was it the gorgeous Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders or the Hunky US Army Call Me Maybe Guys?

Comment on my post below and let me know!

Just so you know….my vote goes to the Hunky US Army call me maybe guys!!!

army call me maybe

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PS: I often have people ask me why I write these blog articles? It is because not only do I enjoy writing them, but I do make money from doing it.

Do you want to make money posting about things that interest you?

It can be about anything! Recipes, shopping, movies, sports, entertainment, tv shows…basically ANYTHING!

Here’s how it works:  you will get traffic to your Empower Network Blog Posts, some of those people will click on your ads and a certain amount of people who click the ads will buy. It really is that simple and yes it does work.


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A day in the life of Mike


Every now and then we see people live the leveraged lifestyle we all desire!

For example, one of my business partners Mike had one of those magical days yesterday on Sunday!


Listen to what happened to him below!

Watch this powerful video to see exactly what I mean!


Sundays are not typical work
days for the Hobbs Family…

He slept in till 8am…

Had Breakfast with his kids…

Went to Church from 11am-2pm…

Watched movie…

Had dinner…

Went to his In-Laws for desert…

Came home around 9pm and logged
into the back office of Empower and

16 new signups into Empower Network &
$5,625 in commissions… $1,075 in
commissions were also passed up
to his sponsor!


You Deserve To See the Bonuses We Offer As a “Prosperity Team” By Clicking Below

prosperity team

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PS. Our team Co-op is Rocking

Our Team Coop is "Rocking!"


Team Coop’s are BRILLIANT for Business Building

The concept of coops is not a new one. The word Coop is an abbreviation of the word Cooperative.

According to Wikipedia,  Coops have been in existence since the beginning of human kind.

So it stands to reason that our team here at Empower Network would form it’s own team coop for the competitive advantage of all who participate.

What exactly is our Team Coop

The person running our team coop obtains quotes on the bulk purchase of solo ads.

They then divide that into equal shares and notify the team of the cost per share and the amount of “clicks” each share will receive.

Those who are interested in participating, email the organiser with details of how many shares they want, their empower network ID and make payment through paypal direct to the person organising it.

Our organiser, Alan Cosens, is a master marketer with many years experience in running solo ads. Alan expertly crafts the wording for these ads and uses coops that get results. Alan also participates in the team coops. In fact it is one of his major marketing strategies.

It always fills me with confidence to know that the person organising it is using it themselves. Particularly if its one of their biggest marketing strategies !


team coop

 5 Reasons a Team Coop is Effective

1. It is Newbie friendly. Someone who is completely brand new can participate and get their business off to a flying start much more quickly.

2. The Advertising Copy Writing is done by someone who is a gun at it. Someone who knows what works.

3. A team coop is a cheap form of advertising. By purchasing in bulk we can all enjoy a discount.

4. It builds your list

5. Plain and simple…it works.

What our Team Coop has done for my business

I have done several of these Team Coop’s now and I’m a convert!

Here are the results of the Team Coop I participated in 2 weeks ago (since that was the most recent):

- Guaranteed 200 clicks (got just over 200 clicks)

- I got 86 leads (this means that 86 people opted in to my capture page and they are now going through my autoresponder messages on autopilot)

- I had 1 person sign up on the spot (this is a bit unusual, but it happened)

- I had 1 person sign up after they had read a few more of my messages.

To me that is a HUGE success! What I paid for the ad, I recovered in the first month’s commission that was paid to me. Continuing month’s commissions are profit!

I also expect that there will be others on this list who will join me in the future as they continue to receive correspondence from me and get to know me and see the successes that I am having.

It is important to point out here that there is no guarantee of results whatsoever with the Team Coop. Results are dependent on so many different factors and it can be very much the luck of the draw.

However, for the price of one month’s commission from one person joining me, I’m very much prepared to take that risk, as to me the price of the Team Coop is a very low risk!

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